Algoma Repertory Theatre is thrilled to announce that they will be remounting

“It’s a Wonderful Life” this Christmas season. This timeless classic will be a great way to welcome the holiday season with friends and family.
Where: Elite Dance Force, 477 Queen Street
When: Sunday October 2nd, 2022 @ 1pm
Show Dates: December 15th-17th

Selections of script will be provided to read. The town of Bedford Falls has everyone in it from Little Zuzu, young George and Mary to Mr. Gower and Bert the cop – bring as many voices you can for as many characters you would like to try.

Wonderful Life.jpg
Tickets will be available for “It’s a Wonderful Life – the Radio Play” in early October.
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Algoma repertory theatre

Founded in 2019, Algoma Repertory Theatre (ART) is an ambitious new theatre company in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


ART is the brainchild of local theatre veterans Marc Beaudette and Sandra Forsell, who saw the opportunity to give a platform to more voices in the arts community, produce interesting and modern pieces, and to bring back the well-loved format of dinner theatre.

Our mission is to provide entertaining, engaging amateur theatre in an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and a sense of community.


  • Steve Ancic

  • Vernon Bailey

  • Tim Bass

  • Marc Beaudette

  • Lucas Beaver

  • Kara Colynuck

  • John Dedes

  • Amie Fisher

  • Sandra Forsell

  • Penny Gribbon

  • Eric Haapala

  • Christina Johnson

  • Brent Krysa

  • Courtney McDonald

  • Steven McCarthy

  • Tracey McKiddie

  • Jaime Miller

  • Timothy Murphy

  • Elora Nelson

  • Kaila O’Callaghan

  • RJ Renner

  • Rob Rock

  • Skye Smith

  • Cat Christenson

  • Corinne Wilkerson

  • Megan Wigmore





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