“Harvey” is the story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey, who everyone wants to meet. When Elwood begins introducing others to Harvey – a six-foot tall “pooka” (invisible rabbit) – his socially invested and extremely embarrassed sister, Veta Louise, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae, want Harvey gone. They conspire to commit Elwood to a sanitarium but, in a comedy of errors, Veta is committed instead. In the ensuing confusion, the doctors, Veta, and Elwood all try to figure out who really is crazy— and whether the world needs another “normal” chap, or more Harveys.


The night begins with a side-splitting ceremony where anything can happen. Then, it's time for the most hilarious wedding reception you'll ever attend! You'll enjoy a full Italian meal and dance the night away at the party you an d your friends will be laughing about for years to come. The show stars "Tina," the headstrong 20-something party girl bride with an attitude “ and "Tony," the rowdy, handsome, yet charming groom-to-be. Other hilarious characters emerge from this quirky cast, which includes an entire wedding party of guests ranging from "Connie," the pregnant maid of honor, to "Father Mark," a priest who thinks he's hip. As the evening unfolds, the only guarantee is that there will be plenty of drama all around.

May 27-30, 2020

Grand Gardens Verdi